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Changing the Industry

The Power Dribble® is a basketball dribbling training aid that uses a revolutionary new design that helps build muscle memory habits in how one handles the basketball. The Power Dribble® helps players keep the ball low, and close to their bodies for a more powerful, controlled dribble.

Designed for All

The Power Dribble's adjustable straps allow for players of all ages and heights to use- from those just starting out to seasoned professionals; the Power Dribble® adjusts and grows with you. For kids just beginning to play, ball handling skills can be challenging to development, and some may become discouraged. The Power Dribble® builds a new player's confidence while making sure skills are being developed in the correct way.

For seasoned players and professionals, the Power Dribble® can easily be implemented into practices and warmups as a way to help keep dribbling skills sharp. Use 2 Power Dribbles (See our Power Dribble® Two Pack on the Order page) for as a way to get more out of your fundamentals training.

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